Water Walking Ball With TIZIP


Water walking ball is sealed waterproof zipper, zipper on the market have TIZIP zipper

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    It Is Good For Both Water And Grass

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Product Description

Water walking ball is sealed waterproof zipper, zipper on the market have TIZIP zipper, 3 f chemical TPU copper teeth zipper, PVC copper teeth zipper, zipper and rubber these zipper high-pressure strong waterproof, prevent leakage, sealing is very good, it is mainly used for military products.
Material performance to ensure the safety factor of the products, make bold tourists safely enjoy the endless charm of water walking ball.

Brief introduction of inflatable water walking ball:

  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Open the zipper, enter, and then, using the distribution of the blower aeration.
  3. When charging is completed, close the zipper.
  4. A safety rope connection outside of the ball.
  5. Start to use, you can swim in the pool, static rivers, lakes, swimming pools.

Play attention to these:

  1. There is always a safety rope when playing the ball.
  2. The weight of the weight: please make sure that it is less than 150 kg.
  3. Please add the new air (oxygen) into the ball every about 15 minutes.
  4. Please do not use the ball on the ground, skin is easy to wear.
  5. Use of lubricating maintenance tools compression is not steady work.
  6. Maintenance tool wear when using material and glue repair tools.
  7. Wrapped it in a cool place, don’t make it and sharp objects

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Details: the water walking ball use German imports zipper.


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